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DSPIAE HC-V Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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    Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

    Powerful motor | Multiple use | Blow & Suction dual function

    • Powerful Motor: High Speed Motor with 35000rpm. 
    • Dual Function Design: A hand held vacuum cleaner as well as powerful blower.
    • Extra Endurance: 2x high capacity Li-Fe batteries for extra endurance.
    • Wireless Operation: Light weight portable design, ideal for multiple life scenes.

    Body Construction

    • Dust-proof cover: Protects nozzles from dust.
    • Suction nozzle: For instillation of brushed suction head and/or extension pipe.
    • Dust collector cup: High capacity transparent dust collector clearly shows the dust level.
    • High efficiency filter mesh: A filter mesh comply with HEPA standards can filter 99.7% of dust with 0.3 micron diameter and up.
    • High speed motor: A motor with 35000rpm provides longer work life.
    • Indicator light: a slowly flashing white light indicates charging in progress. A steady white light indicates charging completed / working status.
    • Function key: Keep pressing for 2 seconds to power on. A short press for stage 1 power output, one more press for stage 2 output, and press again for power off.
    • High Capacity Li-Fe batteries: 2 x 2600mAh Li-Fe battery for great endurance.
    • Type C charge port: Utilize contemporary mainstream charging port to guarantee effective charging.
    • The blower nozzle: Blower hose installation.

    Packing List

    A flannel bag is provided for safe protection of your vacuum cleaner both in transportation and daily use, keep it clean from dust.

    • 1x Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
    • 1x Brush head
    • 1x Extension tube
    • 1x Blower hose w/nozzle
    • 1x Type-C to USB wire
    • 1x Flannel bag
    • 1x Instruction booklet


    • DO NOT let children under 14 years of age use this product without parental attendance to avoid injury.
    • DO NOT drop, bend or knock on this product to avoid damage and malfunction.
    • DO NOT suck in water or other liquids, flammable materials and unextinguished ashes.
    • DO NOT attempt to disassemble and/or alliterate this product, prevent it from open flame, heat source, do not pose in direct sunlight.
    • Charging and working conditions should be within 0-40°C ambience temperature.
    • DO NOT clean the product with solvent based detergents, dust collector's. filtering mesh should be cleaned regularly.
    • In case of prolonged storage, fully re-charge the battery every three months.

    Suitable for various cleaning requirements: Your DSPIAE Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with 2 suction heads that gives you 3 possible combination to suit your cleaning requirements.

    Blow & Suction dual purpose design: DSPIAE portable Vacuum Cleaner has two stage power settings. By adding a hose attached with a nozzle, your vacuum cleaner instantly becomes a electric blower.

    • Stage 1 has longer battery life and less noise.
    • Stage 2 has more powerful suction and higher cleaning efficiency.

    Cleaning Procedure

    A fully stuffed dust collector can reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, and dust if left inside the collector for a long time may cause growth of bacteria. For your health measures and to ensure your cleaner in a perfect working condition, regular cleaning of the dust collector is recommended.

    • 1. Turn the dust collector counter-clockwise, then pull up.
    • 2. Take the filter mesh off, rinse with water and let dry.
    • 3. Use a clean rag to wipe the internal surface of dust collector.
    • 4. Put the dried filter back to the dust collector.

    EU CE Certification

    DSPIAE portable vacuum cleaner has passed EU safety certification assessment procedure, comply with the requirements for safety measurements on human, animal and commodities.

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