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DSPIAE - AT-SV Omnidirectional Spherical Vise


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Omni Directional Spherical Vise

  • Positive Holding
  • Dead Angle Free Inspection

Rigid and Durable | High Precision Machining | Great Stability | Versatile and Effective

High Precision Machining
  • CNC machined up to 0.002cm tolerance ensures perfect synchronization of guidfe rail and screw for fine tuning of jaw opening.
  • Maximum part clamping length: 87mm
  • High precision machined spherical body with selected high grade steel
  • with 1.6kg total weight of the main body, extra level of stability is achieved with ample damping to suit high demands of creative craft/paint works

Great Stability
  • Adjust dowel bars position for holding parts of various shapes. Silicon rubber tubing protects parts from scratching.

Versatile and Effective
  • Tiny parts may be held without steel bars, directly with the jaws, positively and protectively
  • Slots with a triangular cross section are 0.64mm deep and 1.27mm (max) wide. These are designed to hold tiny parts of cylindrical shape or oddly shaped with a tiny "tail" so that you can manipulate with higher precision.
  • Turn the locking mechanism on upper hemisphere to switch between modes (lock/unlock-rotate) to meet your requirements.
  • Single unit for creation and inspection
  • Omnidirectional adjustment, upper hemisphere may rotate freely for easy inspection and optimization.

Packing Details
  • Omnidirectional Sphere x1
  • Pedestal x1
  • Silicon Rubber Tubing x1
  • Dowel Bars x10
  • Moving Jaw x1
  • Anti-slip Lining x1
  • Allen Hex Wrench x1

  • Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age.
  • This is a product with heavy weight. Handle with care to avoid dropping which may cause damage, malfunction, or bodily injury.
  • To avoid irreparable damage DO NOT attempt to disassemble this product.
  • To avoid damageing the vise avoid direct contact with acid, alkaline, and other corrosive liquids.

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