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DSPIAE CC-01 Model Paint Color Test Card

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All DSPIAE PS Plastic Model Tools Test

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    Model Paint Test Card
    Suits All Colors | Bookmark Design | Info Record | Formula Storage

    No Primer Required

    • Card prepared in black and white background so no matter what color type, you can spray straight onto card with no need of a specific base coat.

    Quick Arrangement
    Large quantity of cards attached together through a metal ring with quick release for ease of storage and management

    Easy Search
    • Includes category label cards for systematical arrangement.
    • Notepad on back of each card provides ample room for recording necessary information, you can check it out even after a long session of storage.
    • Suits various colors with formula records, a great assistance for your paint management.

    Autonomous Mixing
    • There could be so many model paint colors that are custom made, autonomously mixed for specific use. These one of a kind colors are always hard to duplicate as time passes by, and there is always risk to ruin your modeling work with "Approximate" colors.
    • With DSPIAE's new color test cards, this is no longer a problem. You can reproduce your own creation at any time with highest accuracy from now on

    Packaging Details
    • Color Test Card x 70
    • Category Label Card x 6
    • Metal Ring x 1
    • Paints appeared and Sprayed in this page are for demonstration purpose only and are not included in actual product

    • Oil based pens are recommended for recording info on cards
    • To avoid damage DO NOT tear cards
    • Store in cool dry place, keep from water and moisture.
    • DO NOT spray on backside of the card, paints may not adhere properly