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RG #25 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

SKU: BAN5061620

Gundam Unicorn Gundams Real Grade Gundam Model Kits

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    GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT 2nd volume !! - Unicorn Gundam is awake now, with a form pursuing reality and transformation gimmicks reproduced at 1/144! - Unicorn Gundam is made into RG with a mechanism based on original setting consideration and real detail. is realized for the first time on 1/144 scale by . EVOLUTION POINT TRANSFORMATION (transformation): - Create a product that will become Gundam's next-generation standard . EVOLUTION POINT in the second project is `TRANSFORMATION`. Realized transformation beyond the limit within the constraints of 1/144 scale. ADVANCED MS FRAMEWORK: - A new framework developed to embody the Unicorn Gundam as RG. By "Advanced MS Framework" equipped with three gimmicks, , , , we realize high stability after assembly and compatibility of movement of each part. - 01: New frame pursuing a transformation mechanism I thoroughly examined the transformation to the destroy mode, and created a new frame. It is the new design pursuing the transformation mechanism, which is responsible for its center. - 02: Precise locking mechanism to lock parts when transforming . Besides the armored part of the external forearm, locking mechanism for fixing parts after transformation is installed in various places. Realize high stability after transformation. - 03: RG original proprietary to reproduce a smooth transformation The characteristic leg leg transformation of Unicorn Gundam is reproduced with a new . This mechanism enables smooth transformation while alleviating the assembly process. - Precise reproduction of weapon deployment. In addition to deployment of the psycho-frame of the shield, the cartridge detaching mechanism of beam · magnum is reproduced. Accessories: Beam · Magnum × 1, Beam · Saber × 2, Hyper · Bazooka × 1, Shield × 1. Scale: 1/144 Item Size/Weight: 31.0cm x 19.0cm x 8.0cm / 510g Release Date: Aug 2017