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PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn

SKU: BANN00641

Gundam Unicorn Gundams Perfect Grade

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    The PG Banshee Norn shares the same frame with the PG Unicorn Gundam but instead of the Unicorn's Gatlings and Bazooka you get that massive Norn backpack as well as the giant shield and parts to make the launcher for the rifle. The Banshee comes with that giant display base and Detron stickers for markings. - than Banshi~i-Norns appeared become a Gundam highest grade PG. Fully reproduce the transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode. Various equipment comes as the final decisive battle form. - Armed Armor DE as a new accessory armed, comes with parts to reproduce the revolving launcher (Existing beam Magnum, new parts added to shield both form reproducible). - Psycho frame that is exposed to Destroy mode UV emission resin made of clear plastic reproduced in (clear yellow) specification. - Anime by removing the Armed armor XC version Banshi~i also reproducible. Accessories: Beam Magnum (revolving launcher), shield (Armed armor DE), Armed armor XC, beam Jytte effect, beam saber × 2, beam Magnum spare magazine, pilot figures (Standing-sitting) Scale: 1/60 Item Size/Weight: 59.0cm x 40.0cm x 20.3cm / 3470g1 Release Date: Sep 2015