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    Here’s Bandai’s second addition to their 30 Minute Sisters lineup, SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B! The 30 Minute Sisters line combines the thoughtful construction of Bandai’s 30 Minute Missions line with brand new character designs to create a highly customizable, easy to assemble set of kits for your collection! There is even a set of adapters for using 30MM mecha parts to customize your SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B with ease! Each 30 Minute Sister comes with a small collection of prepainted faces, easily swapped out by removing the front hairpiece. Since this line began, Bandai has produced excellent option parts for their 30 Minute Sisters, including optional faces, hair, and even entirely new bodies. With all those extra goodies, it’s as easy as ever to create your own unique 30 Minute Sister to lead your mecha army!

    Included alongside SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B for accessories:

    • Leg Armor x2
    • Wing Unit
    • Sword
    • Shield
    • Option Face x2
    • 30MM Backpack Adapter
    • 30MM Neck Adapter


    SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B will build up in no time, especially if you’ve had experience with similar model-kit-ladies. Bandai outlined each step clearly in the instruction manual, providing each numbered step with a runner guide at the beginning and a reminder to check and throw away the empty runners at the end. Bandai also allows builders to break down each runner into sub runners, dedicated to a specific component, such as the arms. It’s very cool to see experimental technology from the PG Unleashed 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam become a mainstay in one of Bandai’s model kit lines. SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B will pull off tons of awesome poses thanks to her double-jointed knees and swiveling thighs. Thanks to the lack of polycaps in her construction, SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B will be sturdy and shelf-worthy for years to come!

    Weapons and Other Notable Attributes

    SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B’s primary weapon is a large, handheld sword molded in the same red plastic as her armor. While there is no recommended storage location, there is a 3mm peg hole at the base of the blade, so you’ll have to get crafty if you want to store the weapon. Her little wrist-mounted shield isn’t anything special but is made way better with the 30MS OP-02 Flight Armor, which adds some red armoring to the shield. While the weapons included with the package may be a little lackluster, any 30MM weapons and accessories in your collection will work with SIS-A00 Tiasha Color B right out of the box. You can also customize this kit with 1/144 scale Gundam parts, but compatibility will be case-by-case.

    This kit includes:

    9 Runners total (A, B, C, D, FPA1, FPA2, FPA3, FPA4, HPC1)
    Total Piece Count – 119 Pieces
    No Stickers Required!
    Materials – PS

    Additional Fun information

    Line/Series: 30 Minute Sisters
    Model number: SIS-A00
    Code name: Tiasha
    Skin Color: Color B

    Scale: N/A
    Grade: N/A
    Completed Model Height: 135mm
    Original Release Date: Nov 2021
    Character Design: Kanetake Ebikawa, Humikane Shimada, Takayuki Yanase