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Action Base 5 Black 1/144

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    Black Action Base 5

    A new action base set for 1/100, 1/144 scale models, in black color.
    It includes a support pole (long), 3 bases, plenty of joint parts and support parts.
    The height of the support pole can be finely adjusted. It also has a lock mechanism to keep the position. In addition, it is made so that the support pole and legs do not clash, making it possible to position the model's legs more freely.
    By separating the support pole it's possible to display 2 models next to each other, to combine the base with Action Base 4 and 5 so that you can display kits of different scale together, and to enjoy a variety of display possibilities.
    The support pole and joint parts keep the model secured on the ground. If you fold the support pole into a tilted V shape it will also stand out less. In addition, by using sub poles you can display weapons as well.