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B503 Mr. HOBBY Mr. Top Coat Flat 86ml (Spray)

SKU: B-503

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    This brings out a realistic felling better than a painted top coat. Mr.TOP COAT can be applied over slide marks(decals) without blemishes. A good way to eliminate differences between the paints and the slide marks is making the model surface smoother.

    • Can be applied over Mr. COLOR, water-based hobby colors, and enamel paints.
    • Can be used for painting that begins over slide marks.
    • Using Mr. COLOR or Mr. SUPER CLEAR over TOPCOAT will cause it to dissolve.
    • Just a light application by airbrush is sufficient.

    To Use:
    1. Shake the can very well. Make sure that it is not too cold, or it will not spray well. If you are having trouble spraying try warming it in your hands, or running it under a warm (not hot) tap for a while.
    2. Holding your piece 8-10 inches away, spray the sealant in short bursts, rotating the piece as you do so. Spraying it like this ensures even coverage as well as prevents buildup and runoff of the spray which could mess up your hard work!
    3. Once the spray dries you can spray it again if you wish for an extra layer of color. Drying time varies by area humidity and temperature.