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DSPIAE AT-PB Photo Etched Parts Bender


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During the manufacturing of photo etched parts, a good photo etched parts bender is a must. DSPIAE precision photo etched parts bender can effectively satisfy requirements for manufacturing of various photo etched parts.

Photo etched parts bender is equipped with two working tables in different materials. The aluminum alloy matte working table is processed with anodic oxidation sand blasting process, endowing beautiful and endurable appearance. Working table with stainless steel mirror face is processed by fine polishing, endowing beautiful and smooth appearance. Photo-etched sheet bending plate is manufactured with transparent acrylic which allows direct observation of the bending process of photo-etched sheets.

Fixture board of the photo etched parts bender contains 14 small bending teeth and 1-long side bending teeth, able to satisfy requirements for daily manufacturing of photo etched parts.

Product contains: photo etched parts bender (1), transparent long PE bending plate (1), short PP bending plate (1), working table with stainless steel mirror face (1), aluminum alloy matte working table (1)

Size: 177x91x30mm

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