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GH101 Premium Top Coat UV Cut Smooth Clear

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    Water-based premium topcoat matte, which is on sale as a matte coating material, contains a UV cut component'' that reduces fading due to ultraviolet rays, and a smooth component that reduces frictional resistance on the surface and reduces scratches.

    The added definitive edition will appear. Protect your important painted work from UV rays and scratches, and enjoy displaying it!

    By adding a matting agent to the matte paint, the surface of the paint film is uneven and the light is diffusely reflected to remove the matte finish.

    In addition to the features of the popular B602 Water-Based Premium Top Coat Spray and B603 Water-Based Premium Top Coat Spray, we added UV-cutting ingredients and scratch-reducing agents as super technologies to create a transparent finish. Improved scratch resistance while maintaining a fine matte appearance.