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New Arrivals Plastic Model Tools

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    RASER Series
    The name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It's a new concept of sanding tools that leaves no scratches when removing gate-marks.

    Introducing the new heavy duty RASER. Experience the new powerful gate-mark remover.


    Heavy Duty Gate Remover

    Original Design 01

    Super-Nano Technology

    Material: Tempered Glass

    Size: 20x65x5mm

    SKU: R-GR-P1

    Made in Korea

    • RASER + is a sanding tool specialized for removing gates. It has a power of 220 grit and the sanded surface is finished without leaving any scratches.

    • 5mm increase in size for improved grip and performance when removing thick gate-marks.

    Powerful Sanding

    Super-Nano Technology combined with improved grip delivers a powerful and easy sanding when removing thick gate-marks.

    Super-Nano Technology

    With 220 grit force, RASER+ can easily remove thick gate-marks to produce a clean surface without any scratches. Evolutionary super-nano technology provides a strong 220 grit force incomparable to any other similar products