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HDM Missile Pods

SKU: WA-01

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    This is a conversion Resin kit and requires Advanced modeling skills you must read the warning message in the description. It is sold as is and we do not take returns or make refunds after the order has been processed. By clicking here I accept the terms and conditions.


    Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits, gunpla, Frame Arms, etc.

    Includes modular Missile detail for mecha models. Includes unique bridge pieces and pegs to string missile pods together to form larger arrays of destruction. Compatible with any 3mm peg system. (May require drilling and modification).

    Some pieces separated for ease of painting
    Pieces (Single Set):
    3x Missile Pods
    3x Missile Inserts
    1x Long Bridge Connector
    1x Short Bridge Connector
    1x Short Bridge Connector w/ Peg
    3x 3mm male to male peg