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HGGA #34 BMS-005 G-Xiphos

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    The BMS-005 G-Xiphos is a commander-use variant of the WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer developed by the Madorna Mobile Suit Workshop for Wivik Lambro’s personal use. The BMS-005 G-Xiphos benefits from significantly improved performance, sacrificing overall usability for extreme maneuverability. The G-Xiphos rivals the abilities of the most advanced Mobile Suits developed by competing factions during this period and is especially capable in close-quarters engagements. The G-Xiphos received its low-visibility color scheme during development, matching the rest of Bisidian’s Mobile Suit fleet. The BMS-005 G-Xiphos sorties with a pair of bespoke close-quarters weapons and could utilize an array of alternate weapons thanks to the attachment point built into the Mobile Suit’s wrist.

    Included alongside the HG G-Xiphos for accessories:

    • DODS Buster H
    • High Output Heat Sword


    The HG G-Xiphos borrows most of its construction from the previously released HGGA #14 WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer, showcasing the in-universe lineage that connects these two Mobile Suits. This model features double-jointed limbs and swiveling thighs, providing a wide range of motion to create dynamic poses. Both ball-jointed thrusters on the Mobile Suit’s backpack feature articulated panels, helping builders create unique and engaging flying poses. Bandai provided a 3mm attachment point built into the model’s waist where builders can attach the Action Base of their choosing.

    Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

    The DODS Buster H included alongside the HG G-Xiphos attaches directly to the Mobile Suit’s forearm, requiring the removal of the model’s left manipulator. This equipment features an articulated hook for ensnaring enemy Mobile Suits. The HG G-Xiphos also sorites with the High Output Heat Sword as its primary weapon for close-quarters engagements. This model includes a unique sword-holding manipulator to help builders achieve different combat poses.

    This kit includes:

    6 Runners total (A, B, C, D, E, PC001)
    Total Piece Count – 152 with 17 Unused Parts
    Foil Stickers
    Materials – PS, PE
    Japanese Instructions

    Additional Fun information

    Pilot(s): Wivik Lambro
    Unit Type: Custom Commander Use Close Quarters Combat Mobile Suit
    Model number: BMS-005
    Code name: G-Xiphos
    Overall Height: 18.4m(60.4ft)
    Manufacturer: Madorna Mobile Suit Workshop

    Scale: 1/144
    Grade: High Grade
    Completed Model Height:
    Original Release Date: Mar 2013
    Gundam Series: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Rememberance of Sid
    Mechanical Designer: