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HGUC #187 XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1

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    • Crossbone Gundam
      • Normal face piece
      • Heat Radiation Face-open piece
      • 2 Leg-mounted Heat Daggers
      • Thruster unit
      • Beam Shield/Brand Marker
      • Manipulators
        • Weapon-holding (1 pair)
        • Zanbuster-only hand (Right)
        • Angled Trigger-finger (1 pair)
    • 2 Beam Sabers
    • Buster Gun
    • Beam Zanber
    • 1 pair of Heat Daggers
    • Beam Shield/Brand Marker effect parts
    • Core Fighter front
    Kit Features & Gimmicks


    • The head can swivel/pivot on a double-sided ball-joint neck.
    • Shoulder joints can swing frontwards.
    • The arms can...
      • Swivel on a ball-and-socket joint.
      • Raise horizontally.
    • The upper elbows can turn.
    • Both elbow and knees feature double-jointed parts.
    • The waist can rotate 360 degrees.
    • Front and side skirt armors are poseable to avoid interference with the leg articulation.
    • The hip joint axis is a see-saw type joint.
    • The upper thigh joints can raise horizontally and/or rotate on each piece.
    • The ankles can pivot back and forth and/or tilt sideways on a ball-and-socket joint.
    • The X Thrusters on the back are ball-jointed.
      • The thruster nozzles can pivot.

    Weapons/Other Gimmicks

    • Each of the weapons must be wielded by their own respective hand parts.
    • Two Face parts are available: normal and Heat Radiation Face Open.
    • Heat Daggers can be optionally installed underneath the soles.
    • Buster Gun & Zanber's hilt can be combined to form Zanbuster.
    • Buster Gun & Beam Zanber hilt or the Crossbone Gun & Swords can be stored onto the side armors.
    • Two different effect parts can be installed onto either arms' Beam Shield/Brand Markers.
    • Thruster's vernier can be rearranged in two different ways.
    • Thrusters can be optionally detached from the Crossbone and attach onto the Core Fighter front.
    • Crossbone Gundam or the Core Fighter can mount onto the Action Bases. (sold separately.)

    Customer Reviews

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    Very fun to build and its articulation is magnificent