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MG MSN-04 Acguy

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All Bandai Gundams / Gunpla Master Grade Gundam Kits

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    The world has long been waiting for a Master Grade Acguy; now that it's here, you won't be disappointed!

    A brand-new MG frame was designed for this unique mobile suit, over which you install the "armor" parts; the joints all feature polycaps and are superbly designed, so that the Acguy can take on just about any pose you've seen it take in the series, including the cute curled-up crouch with its arms around its knees! A one-touch spring switch will release the claws on the right "hand", causing them to pop out quite menacingly! Two sets of "effect parts" are included, too -- one features missiles coming out of the Acguy's left "hand", and the other portrays the aquatic jet-streams from the thrusters under the Acguy's feet.

    A custom stand is included so you can display the Acguy swimming; and a total of six figures are included -- one seated pilot, that can be placed into the cockpit, one standing pilot, and one guy in scuba gear who can be displayed swimming along with the Acguy; plus the three annoying adorable little kids, Katsu, Retsu, and Kikka.

    The Acguy's parts are all molded in colored plastic and snap together for assembly; no paint is required (though painting would definitely improve the overall appearance of the finished model). All the figures, however, will require paint. Stickers and dry transfers are included for a perfect finish.

    Product Features

    • 1/100 Scale
    • Made of plastic
    • From Mobile Suit Gundam anime
    • Part of the Master Grade model kit line
    • Instructions may or may not include English translation

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build
      • Acguy
      • Replacement claw wrist
      • Extended arm
      • Replacement mono eye shield
      • Movable mono eye
      • Replacement lifting ramp
      • Zion operator plate
      • Head Vulcan launch effect
        • 2 Large
        • 2 Small
      • Right arm mega gun artillery effect
      • Left arm 6 missile launcher launch effect
      • Unpainted Katsu figure
      • Unpainted Retsu figure
      • Unpainted Kikka figure
      • 3 Additional unpainted figures
      • Display stand
    • Marking stickers
    • Dry transfers
    • Paint