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Zoids #46 RZ-007 Shield Liger Dcs-J


All Kotobukiya Zoids

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    A Zoid only for the chosen Leo Masters!
    The “Shield Liger DCS” (Double Cannon Special Jet), a Shield Liger with enhanced firepower and
    performance, joins the HMM series lineup!
    Fully revamped from the Shield Liger Mk II, the darker frame and newly improved appearance is
    perfectly captured.
    The Shield Liger DCS model kit can imitate movement of the original Shield Liger, and also comes
    equipped with the pair of heavy beam cannons that are depictive of this model.
    Be sure to add this Shield Liger that is known amongst Leo Masters worldwide to your collection!

    Product Specifications:
    The cockpit hatch on top of the model kit can be opened to allow pilot figures to ride this kit.
    The Zoid Core part can be removed.
    The 20mm Beam Gun can be stored or equipped to reenact scenes from the series.

    (This item is a reproduction.)