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All Bandai Gundams / Gunpla MAZINGER New Arrivals Real New Arrivals SD/BB Test

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    A new generation of super-deformed kits is here! The SD Cross Silhouette series allows you to choose between two different inner frames that will change the proportions of your kits. You can choose between the cuter look of the SD (Super Deformed) frame, or the taller and more action-packed look of the CS (Cross Silhouette) frame!

    You can choose to assemble this kit of the mighty Mazinger Z in its Super Deformed or Cross Silhouette style! It's molded in color so painting is not necessary, and assembly is easy. Marking stickers and its weaponry are included, as are the Jet Scrander and extra interchangeable hands. Please be aware that this version does not include the frame (sold separately).

    Interchangeable hands (x4, left and right 2 each)
    Rocket Punch effect part
    Jet Scrander
    Parts to install Jet Scrander
    Interchangeable face
    Parts to connect to stand

    Assemble Guide: This is a snap-together kits, no cement required. No painting required, but will look better when painted.