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RG #18 00 Raiser

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All Gundam 00 Gundams New Arrivals Real Grade Gundam Kits Real New Arrivals Test

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GW large items following the Exia! Exist beyond the Gundam appeared in the RG! - The three-dimensional the Raiser of Real grade unique incorporate a new interpretation, while based on the actual historical research! - 1: deep the aircraft characteristics from modern technology. Is a characteristic of the aircraft is interpreted as a propulsion engine energy transfer institution. The design of real technology and promotion agencies and high-voltage power transmission line of exploration satellite captured in design. GN DRIVE is fitted with click-type arm of. Can be freely angle adjustment. It is also possible to make the particle storage tank type that appeared in the movie version in the selection formula. - 2: Proportion of considering the setting Double O adopted the same Advance de MS joint and Exia is in a high-end models of Exia. While reproduce the successor machine design line in a common joint, and reproduce the distinctive form that is expressed in more Massive. - 3: Precision reproduction of Raiser. Raiser is equipped with a slide mechanism to wing part, emphasized the linear design-conscious of real stealth fighter. A new interpretation plus actual aircraft in connection part and armed when combined with the body in reference, add a delicate mold. - 4: The fully reproduce a variety of armed. GN Sword II, GN shield, GN Sword III, GN beam saber is included. Through the joint, can be mounted on the waist or shoulder portion, and the like. And equipped with each armed, sword play action in the play can be reproduced. Each rifle mode, of course GN twin lance form can be replicated. The GN shield concatenates 2 chome, it also possible to braid is equipped on both arms. Accessories: GN Sword II × 2, GN beam saber × 2, GN shield, GN Sword III, riser Sword effect, pilot figure (Setsuna, Suna慈) Scale: 1/144 Item Size/Weight: 31.5cm x 19.5cm x 9.0cm / 540g Release Date: Apr 2015