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AA Holder with Switch

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Add ons LED Lights

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    Made to run our 3 Volt LEDs This fully assembled unit features a AA holder made to hold 2 of AA batteries Wire leads a convenient push-on push-off button switch to turn your LEDs on or off Get our AA holder with a connector added. This is convenient when you want to replace the batteries, or if you just want to remove the batteries when you move the project around. The AA holder has the "female" socket and you get a "male" plug with 8" red and black kynar with this unit. Connect your LEDs to the wired male connector, then plug the LEDs into your battery. This is another way to run your 3 volt LEDs. This 3 volt output AA holder can run any of the LEDs you would run on a coin cell. And it can run more of them. In our tests, the AA holder can run 50 LEDs more than the cr2032 coin cell holder.