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AK Interactive Neutral Grey Filter

SKU: AKI-4161

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    Enamel Product. Filters are designed to achieve a subtle tonal variation for vehicles especially in monotone camouflage colours. Shake and apply directly from the bottle with a flat brush. This filter allows us to subtly change the base tone of our vehicles with very light or white surfaces, such as winter tanks, spaceships, light aircraft or UN vehicles. At the same time, the filter adds depth and richness to our vehicle, preparing it for the next painting steps.
    Use the filters by wetting a brush and applying it without flooding the surface, to enrich the tones on your models, unify the camouflage or highlight areas with a different tone. With these products we will avoid mixing paints, looking for the correct dilution or looking for the correct colours for our vehicle.
    These enamel-based filters can be cleaned or diluted with White Spirit.