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Builders Parts 1/144 HD-37 MS Hand 01 EFSF (Dark Gray)

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    ■Official remodeling parts for gunpla with attention to detail. You can enjoy Gunpla even more by improving the details.

    ■Molding color of dark gray that is convenient, and has high versatility. It's cool even if you put it on without painting.

    ■ Reproduce the finger of the square cross-section, which is a feature of the federal system.

    ■It supports a wide range of scenes such as reproduction of scenes that utilize internal details.

    ■Joint parts for MS are selectable between 3.0mm diameter and 3.5mm diameter.

    ■ Detailed details are reproduced under the back of the hand.

    ■Set of 2 left and right hands, 2 left and right palms, 2 left and right weapon handles, 12 gauntlets, 12 joints with a diameter of 3.5, and 8 joints with a diameter of 3.0.