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TAMIYA McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 1:48

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Experience during the Vietnam campaign by the USAF indicated need for a Close Air Support weapons system. In December 1970, after an experimental development program, the Fairchild Republic Industries A-10 was selected for production rather than the competing Northrop A-9. In 1973 the USAF announced that the A-10 would be their official CAS vehicle. Performance characteristics including short take off and landing, high and low air- speeds, low cost, long range, manueverability and capacity for large mixed loads were optimized in the design.

Fairchild built 6 A-10 aircraft which were flight tested at Edwards Air Force Base, California in 1975. In November 1975 the first production airplane was delivered to the USAF. 733 A10's are scheduled for delivery up to 1982.

Appearance and performance of the A-10 are unique. The silhouette shows two high bypass turbofan engines installed on the rear fuselage with twin fins. The 16,000 pound payload includes the newest avionics and ordnance, making the A-10 the most powerful CAS airplane ever developed for the USAF.

Specifications include: length 53 1/3 ft, Height 14 2/3 ft, Wing Span 57 1/2ft, internal fuel 10,700 lbs, operating weight 24,200 lbs, gross weight 47,400 lbs. Special Armament includes the GAU-8/A 30mm Gatling type cannon having a firing rate of 2100-4200 rounds per minute and an ammunition capacity of 1350 rounds. Fire control head-up display, TV 0586 monitor, Laser spot seeker and a complete armament control panel facilitate operational control. Two high bypass turbofan General Electric TF34-GE-100 engines are each generate 9065 lbs of thrust.