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Frame Arms Girl - Frame Arms Girl Kongo

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    Kongo joins Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms Girl series at last!

    This model is brought to life based on Humikane Shimada’s bishoujo-style character illustration of Takayuki Yanase’s Frame Arms DDX-101 Kongo design.

    Model Specifications:
    ・This model is a completely brand new Frame Arms Girl.
    ・The large-scale weapons and armor can be transformed into a cruising form, or rearranged to create various others forms.
    ・Standard arms and legs are included to recreate the model in unarmed mode.
    ・The head part can be exchanged between armed and unarmed mode.
    ・Three newly sculpted, pre-painted face parts are included (Looking Forward, Looking Left/Smiling, Clenching Teeth).
    ・The armor on the hips is articulated, giving the thighs a greater range of motion.
    ・Both left and right grips are included for the bazooka and shield, allowing them to be held in either hand.
    ・The missiles on the back armor can be set in firing mode by opening the hatches.
    ・The dagger mounted on the back armor can be displayed as a weapon.
    ・The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
    ・The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts.
    ・The PVC hands are compatible with existing weapons from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.
    ・The 3mm connection points on the arms and legs are compatible with existing weapons and armor from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

    Materials: PS・PE・ABS・POM・PVC(Phthalate-free)

    Approximately 162mm in height when built.