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GodHand GH-PN-120 Blade One Nipper

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    Precision nippers PN-120.

    Protection Cap included.

    More durable and easy to handle than Ultimate nippers.

    Best for your first single edged nipper.

    Cutting capacity:

    3mm or less (PS, PP, ABS, PE resin)

    2mm or less (transparent, semi-transparent)

    *Not for photo etched parts.

    Material: Carbon steel (Kobe Steel, Ltd)
    Length: 120mm
    Weight: 60g
    Blade hardness: over HRC58
    Single-edged structure
    Blade stopper to prevent chipping
    Pin for preventing from opening too much
    With spring
    Soft grip
    Comes with original nipper cap.
    Cutting ability
    Use for plastic (PS resin, PP resin, ABS resin, PE resin) only.
    Cutting ability: materials smaller than 3mm
    Exception: Under 2mm for transparent/ semi-transparent PS resin