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All Gundam Wing Gundams High Grade Gundam Model Kits New Arrivals Real New Arrivals Test

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    Chang Wufei's Shenlong Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" gets a new HGAC model kit from Bandai! A movable shaft inside the chest unit allows natural lateral bending, as well as forward-and-backward bending. The cockpit block can move up and down when the robot bends back and forth. Slide joints in the shoulders improve the range of motion for more dynamic poses! Arm extension parts can be attached to reproduce the "Dragon Hang" weapon's full extension! Interchangeable hands are also included, as are a shield and a Beam Glaive. Order this distinctive Gundam for your own collection today!



    • Beam Glaive
    • Shenlong Shield
    • Interchangeable hands (left and right, x3 each)
    • Dragon Hang expansion and contraction joint (x2)
    • Stickers