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HGCE #249 Gyan Strom (Agnes Giebenrath Custom)

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    From the popular Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom anime film comes a new 1/144 scale model kit of the Gyan Strom (Agnes Giebenrath Custom) mobile suit!

    The kit is equipped with a specialized internal structure "SEED Action System" for capturing iconic

    action poses from the film. It also features enhanced arm articulation thanks to the sliding mechanism in the shoulder armor connection.

    The distinctive beam axe, designed uniquely for this suit, can be mounted to the waist by swapping in the included storage grip. The movable wings allow you to position the missile launcher forward.

    By deploying the chest armor and inserting the Gatling parts, you can recreate the Gatling's extended state. It also includes a Heat Rod part that can be equipped on the right arm.

    Lastly, the Gyan Strom includes effect parts that can be attached to the shield for added dynamic display options!

    Product Features

    • Made of ABS and PVC
    • From the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom anime film
      Part of the High Grade line
    • Highly detailed
      Instructions may or may not include English

    Box Contents

    • Piece to build
    • Gyan Strom
    • Beam Axe
    • Heat Rod Part
    • Beam Saber
    • Beam Rifle
    • 2 Beam Gatlings
    • Shield
    • Effect Parts set
    • Joint Parts
      Hand Parts set
    • Decal sheet
    • Instructions

    Additional Details

    Mobile Suit Gundam

    Mobile Suit Gundam is a Japanese media franchise popularized by the numerous anime and manga series that take place within the universe of the franchise.

    With a focus towards giant mecha that are piloted by humans, the space opera franchise is considered by many to contain some of the more memorable sci-fi designed robots and mecha in media. Mobile Suit

    Gundam continues to be a popular brand and has expanded to a highly successful line of products that include figures and model kits.

    High Grade Universal Century (HGUC)

    Setting the standard for Gunpla, the High Grade level of Gundam model kits provide a great entry point into the Gundam Universe! With a great range of motion and poseability options in 1/144 scale, these model kits provide a wide range of options at affordable rates.

    Declaring war on the Earth Federation, the Principality of Zeon launches a devastating war of independence for their space colonies. Dubbed the "One Year War", the shocking level of carnage and destruction is compounded by the use of newly created humanoid robotic weapons called "mobile suits". Upon discovering the Federation's new secret RX-78

    Gundam mobile suit, a young man named Amuro Ray unknowingly becomes instrumental in shifting the balance toward bringing the conflict to an end.

    Prototype Images Disclaimer

    Prototype images shown. Final/finished product is subject to change.


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