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HGIBO #30 Hekija

SKU: BAN2359298

All Bandai Gundams / Gunpla High Grade Gundam Kits Iron Blooded Orphans

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    The STH-20 Hekija is a high-performance Mobile Suit developed by Teiwaz as the successor to the Hyakuri and Hyakuren. Teiwaz designed the STH-20 Hekija to replicate the Hyakuri’s high mobility while also benefitting from the Hyakuren’s improved power output. Unlike the much simpler STH-16 Shiden developed by Teiwaz, The STH-20 Hekija would require an additional testing phase before its completion. The STH-20 Hekija can achieve an alternate “Assault Form,” which gives the pilot complete control of the Mobile Suit’s thrusters for high mobility maneuvers. The Hekijka proved itself in space combat while aiding Tekkedan several times, but; the lack of testing data gathered for its atmospheric capabilities would limit its success upon returning to Mars.

    Included alongside the HG STH-20 Hekija for accessories:

    • 110mm Bayonet Rifle
    • Tobiguchi Blade