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HGUC #65 EMS-10 Zudah

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Gundams High Grade Gundam Model Kits MSV/Gundam Sentinel/Others New Arrivals

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    The EMS-04 Zudah competed against the MS-05B Zaku I in the race to become the primary Mass Production Mobile Suit for the Principality of Zeon. The Zudah vastly outperformed the Zaku I in maneuverability tests but was compromised by its experimental Jupiter Engine. This engine tended to explode and cause the Mobile Suit to break into pieces, which, coupled with its high production cost, made the Zaku I an easy choice over the experimental EMS-04 Zudah. After the war had started, Zeon resurrected the Zudah with a new EMS-10 designation. The new EMS-10 Zudah features a much more stable Saturn Engine as well as several unknown improvements.

    This HGUC rendition of the EMS-10 Zudah includes:

    • 120mm Zaku Machine Gun
    • 135mm Anti-Ship Rifle
    • Heat Hawk
    • Sturm Faust


    The EMS-10 Zudah uses double-jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles to provide the model kit with a dynamic look from the waist down. The polycap structure within the chest allows the arms to extend forward when holding the 135mm Anti-Ship Rifle. The forearms of the EMS-10 Zudah also feature a unique extension gimmick, which could ideally help the Mobile Suit reach for one of its auxiliary weapons. The Shield attached to the left shoulder of the EMS-10 Zudah rotates around the shoulder armor and features two folding spikes, making for one unique melee weapon when held by the EMS-10 Zudah!

    Weapons and Other Notable Attributes

    The HGUC EMS-10 Zudah kit includes parts to recreate all three units featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO CGI series. There are three different head configurations for the EMS-10 Zudah, which is the easiest way to distinguish between the three Mobile Suits. Each Unit featured a unique camouflage pattern on the Shoulder Shield, which will need painting using the included color guide. The gigantic 135mm Anti-Ship Rifle features a retractable bipod to fire the weapon at very distant targets. The EMS-10 Zudah features several attachment hardpoints for its secondary weapons when not in use.

    This kit includes:

    6 Runners total (A1, A2, B, C, D, PC123+)
    Total Piece Count – 158 with 5 Unused Parts
    Foil + Marking Stickers
    Materials – PS, PE, ABS
    Japanese Instructions