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MG GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

SKU: BAN2156732

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    Built for heavy-duty combat, the Buster Gundam is an artillery unit specializing in long-range assault! Characterized by its two massive cannons, the Buster Gundam's iconic look has been redesigned for maximum detail, and it's SEED-specific X100 frame gives it outstanding maneuverability! Full of arms-specific gimmicks! Recreate the massive Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle by docking the two smaller weapons together! Gun barrel equipped with pump-action gimmick for realistic action. The dual sub-arms are equipped with a movement gimmick and can hold the huge weapons for dynamic firing poses. Shoulder-mounted missile hatches open. One of the five Gundams built under the Earth Alliance's G Project, the GAT-X103 Buster Gundam was created on the versatile X100 Frame, and designed to overwhelm any gunfight with its massive firepower.

    Includes runner x12

    • Foil sticker x1
    • dry decal x1
    • Instruction manual x1
    • Package Dimensions: 7.0 L x 40.0 H x 31.0 W (centimeters)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Rajesh Kumar Talluri
    Best kit my kid has built so far.

    My son said the kit is really good. The mobile suit is rock solid and the gun is huge! Really great kit I would recommend it for anyone who wants a solid army looking build.


    Great Gundam. Build was quick and fun (took me about 6 hours of on and off building but I’m still pretty new). Very solid and durable (except for the knee caps that keep popping off on me). Finally this thing just looks so freaking awesome! The gun is massive and I love it and it has some crazy possibility. All in all 9.5/10 would definitely buy again!


    Good product


    I waited months for this to be in stock and then I took the opportunity thank you for the opportunity