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MG Ex-S Gundam/S Gundam

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All Bandai Gundams / Gunpla Master Grade Gundam Kits MSV/Gundam Sentinel/Others Test

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    As seen in the manga "Gundam Sentinel", this iconic Katoki Hajime design has been further refined to resemble the illustrations and models that were used in the original publication.

    Its head, shoulders, chest, backpack feature the upgraded parts utilized in the MG Deep Striker release and also features additional new parts for the abdomen.  S Gundam can be built as is or can be converted into its Ex-S form and maintains its ability to transform into its G-Cruiser mode, G-Core, G- Attacker, and G-Bomber forms.

    Product Features

    • 11 inches (28cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • From Gundam Sentinel
    • Refined to resemble the illustrations and models that were used in the original publication
    • Upgraded parts
    • S Gundam can be built and converted into its Ex-S form
    • Can transform to its G-Cruiser mode, G-Core, G-Attacker, and G-Bomber forms
    • Instructions may or may not include english translation

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build:
      • S Gundam
      • Additional hands
    • Wire to recreate the INCOM unit on its head
    • 27 Screws


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Best packaging job with box corner protectors and all, very impressed. As for a partial update for the sentinel or ex-s it's a retro modern build since it relies heavily on the previous version with updated molding in areas. But a very fun build and great kit.


    The big one

    Cass Bores
    Old(-ish) but gold

    I love this thing so much. Even though it may not have the best build-quality or playability, it looks amazing. Most of the kit is from a much, much older version of this kit, and screws are involved to keep it together, but nonetheless I enjoyed this kit a lot. Despite its age, there’s so much to build that this took an entire day for me to build. Surprisingly, the transformation is quite easy, as long as you take off all the limbs first. There’s a ton of leftover plastic in the box, especially if you build the S Gundam, so if kitbashing is your thing, this kit will not disappoint. Overall, this is definitely a must-have if you love your Gundams big, beefy, and visually stunning. I would not recommend this as a beginner kit, but as long as you have a couple MG’s built, get it. You will not regret it.