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MG Gundam Deathscythe-Hell EW Ver.

SKU: BAN2091972

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    Following hot on the heels of the EW Ver. Deathscythe, the #1 most interesting item from the Tokyo Hobby Show MG booth, the Deathscythe Hell takes off!
    - Utilizes the XXXG Frame developed for the Wing Gundam!
    - Marking decals designed by Hajime Katoki.
    - Increased freedom of movement and dynamic posing options when used with an Action Base 2!
    - New gimmick and mechanism equipped onto the Active Cloak-by pulling from the base
    of the wing, the internal machinery will appear.
    - Able to reproduce the flight posing from the animation easily.
    - The closed state of the Active Cloak can also be reproduced.
    - Accessories: Beam Sycthe, Active Cloak
    Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31 x 8.3 cm / 752g