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MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0

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Gundams Master Grade Gundam Models Mobile Suit Gundam New Arrivals New Arrivals

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    ■ For the new future of MG, the latest Gundam design is fully reproduced.
    ■ Producing a sense of density of metal and aircraft by realistic decal, which will be adopted for the first time in MG and finely color-coded exterior parts as wide as 8 colors.
    ■ "Mobile Armor System" equipped with a new moving interpretation is installed. Added mobility interlocking with armored parts inside.
    ■ By moving shoulder armor and backpack cover, freedom of movement of arm is improved.
    ■ By the opening and closing mechanism of the tibia armor, the range of the ankle's motion is also improved.
    ■ The core fighter can be stored inside the body by changing it.
    ■ Use internal materials that can be painted.