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Shishibe Shion Figure-rise Standard

SKU: BAN2572093

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    Shishibe Shion is the first character from the latest hit series, Kyoukai Senki, to receive the Figure-Rise Standard treatment. Shion is one of three AMAIM Pilots chosen to pilot the powerful MAILeS units belonging to Yatagarasu. Shion was initially hesitant to join in the fighting but eventually joined after the MAILeS Reiki’s I-LeS AI refused to cooperate with anyone but her. This I-LeS is named Nayuta but prefers people to call him Angelo. While interacting with the pilot, Nayuta presents as a small purple and white creature with antlers to improve the bond between the pilot and itself. The I-LeS serve as a bridge between the talented but young AMAIM Pilots and their respective MAILeS units, explaining the machine’s capabilities and offering insight into potential outcomes based on combat data. Thanks to the insistence of Nayuta, Shishibe Shion found her place amongst the freedom fighters of Yatagerasu, using her talents on the battlefield in hopes of creating a world where her family could rebuild their pottery business.

    Included alongside Shishibe Shion for accessories:

    • Nayuta Figure
    • Display Base


    This Shishibe Shion plastic model uses all the latest Figure-rise technology and features a polycap free build for a solid and sturdy figure for years to come! Bandai loaded this model with tons of unique ball joint articulation points for a dynamic look in any pose. Shishibe Shion also features double-jointed knees, providing a wide range of motion for your posing pleasure. Bandai also provides a prepainted face for Shishibe Shion with two unpainted faces for builders to customize with the included stickers or waterslides, both bearing a different expression than the prepainted face.

    Weapons and Other Notable Attributes

    The Nayuta figure included alongside Shishibe Shion does not feature any articulation but does utilize some clever color separation to recreate the distinctive white dots on Nayuta’s forehead. The details of Nayuta’s face come molded on, making the application of color-correcting stickers or paint a whole lot easier. The Shishibe Shion figure includes a set of open-palmed hands and a pair of fists for further customization and posing. With the help of the included display base, the Figure-rise Standard Shishibe Shion will make an excellent display alongside the HG MAILeS Reiki and the rest of your Kyoukai Senki model kit collection!

    This kit includes:

    8 Runners total (A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E, BA0)
    Total Piece Count – 81 Pieces
    Foil Stickers + Waterslide Eyes
    Materials – PS

    Additional Fun information

    Line/Series: Kyoukai Senki
    Allegiance: Yatagarasu
    AMAIM: MAILeS Reiki

    Scale: N/A
    Grade: Figure-rise Standard
    Completed Model Height:
    Original Release Date: Feb 2022
    Character Design: Kenichi Oonuki