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DSPIAE SS-S01/SS-S02 Sponge, sand paper


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    Size: 72 x 20mm

    Thickness: 2mm/3mm/5mm

    Sets SS-S01 and SS-S02:

    • Sets come with a 5 compartment storage box.
    • Thickness: 2mm/3mm/5mm (2 of each for each grit)
    • S01 Set Includes: #180, #280, #400, #600, #800 (30pcs total)
    • S02 Set Includes: #1000, #1200, #1500, #2000, #2500 (30pcs total)

    The user can use coarse grits on pieces that require less precision in the sanding. The sanding block is made from EVA material that is soft and flexible, perfect for sanding curved edges. The grits are color coded, making it easy to distinguish. Grits are labeled clearly at the back, allowing users to choose their tools without hassle. With three thickness to choose from, it is versatile for any situation. Every set comes with 2 of each thickness for each grit. The user is able to cut the sponge into their desired size or use the product immediately. Freely customize to your desired size. Use your first and middle finger to hold the sponge. Apply force with your index finger for maximum effect. Made from memory foam, the sponge always goes back to its original shape.