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Imaginary Skeleton Mosasaurus 1/32 Scale Model Kit

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    From the Imaginary Skeleton series, which imagines "life" from the ancient memory of "fossils", "Mosasaurus" appears as the third full-scale skeleton model!

    Total length of about 13.7 inches. A fixed skeleton model that imagines the natural movement of mosasaurs from the latest theories based on biology and captures that moment. A lively pose that fuses science and beauty of form, and details applied to the whole body. You can feel the "life" of the dinosaur while assembling it.

    Faithfully reproduce the intricate details of the skull, such as the scleral ring that protects the eyeball from water pressure and the mandibular joint that makes it easier to swallow prey. Reproduce the special teeth of the upper jaw arranged in two rows, indicating that it is a member close to snakes. The sophisticatedly shaped ribs and rib cage that seem to have sought a compromise between water pressure response and light movement to the utmost limit are also reproduced.

    The pedestal faithfully reproduces marine life such as ammonites and ludists (special cup-shaped bivalves) that inhabited the area at the same time as the mosasaurus. A commentary booklet supervised by reptile and dinosaur researcher Kyoichi Tomita is included as a separate volume.

    Product Features

    • Approx. 13.7 inches long (35cm)
    • 1/32 Scale
    • Made of plastic
    • Based on the Mosasaurus dinosaur
    • Part of the Imaginary Skeleton series
    • Highly detailed
    • Instructions may or may not include English translation

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build
      • Skeleton Mosasaurus
      • Pedestal
    • Instructions
    • Commentary booklet