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ALC-124 Black Chrome

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Alclad II All Gundam Model Paints New Arrivals Real New Arrivals Test

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    This is an Alclad II Lacquers 1oz bottle of Gold Titanium Airbrush Paint for use with hobby airbrush application.

    Preparation and Spraying:
    ALCLAD should be sprayed at 15-20psi.
    Spray 1.5 - 2.5 inches away from the model.
    Use the airbrush like a paint brush not an aerosol.
    Buffing is not necessary-though tonal variation can be made by polishing selected panels with micromesh.
    A sealer is not required.
    Regular ALCLAD can be masked and over painted.
    Decal solutions can be used with Regular ALCLAD, but are not recommended for Chrome or Polished Aluminum.
    Application Directions:
    Shake well before use.
    Thoroughly clean surfaces.
    Remove Adhesive Residue, Release Agent & Fingerprints.
    Spray light coats at 15 - 20 psi.
    Back ALCLAD II with any dark color.
    Clean with lacquer thinners.