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DSPIAE AT-HS Precision Hand Stabilizer


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Precision Hand Stabilizer
Rigid and Durable | Easier Operation | Stable and Precision | Convenient and High Efficiency

Robust Construction for Durability and Joy of Work
Selected steel stock for extra smooth feel with 360 (Horizontal) and 235 (Vertical) degrees of freedom.

Damping Foam Pad
A removable foam pad is provided to install inside the pedestal for added damping effect. (May be removed from bottom of pedestal for more smoothness)
Easier Operation
Much less tip shaking on tweezers lets you concentrate more on your work
Stress Relieving
Minimizing your workload by reducing handshaking movements
Raise Efficiency
A steadier hand makes higher work efficiency
Demanding Manipulations
Helps you fulfill finer works with higher demands
Packing Details

  • Pedestal x1
  • Ball Link x1
  • Support Lever x1
  • Anti-Skip Pad x1
  • Damping Foam Pad x1
Contains small parts, keep out of reach of children to avoid swallowing
Avoid dropping the product which may cause danger or malfunction
Avoid direct contact with acid, alkaline and other corrosive liquids which may cause damage of this product.