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DSPIAE AT-TZ 01-08 Tweezers


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    Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers
    Handy and versatile | Precise pick and hold | Comfortable feel | Mainstream design

    • Handy and versatile: Compact size design for easy carriage, suits wide variety of application.
    • Precise pick and hold: High strength with great hardness and flexibility.
    • Comfortable feel in hand: Rust resistant, ample flexibility and better control.
    • Mainstream design: Clean yet elegant appearance.

    Product Lineup:

    1. AT-TZ01: Point Tip Tweezers
    2. AT-TZ02: Blunt Tip Tweezers
    3. AT-TZ03: Straight Tweezers
    4. AT-TZ04: 90° Angled Tweezers
    5. AT-TZ05: Angled Tweezers
    6. AT-TZ06: Anti-Static Tweezers - Blunt
    7. AT-TZ07: Anti-Static Tweezers - Pointed
    8. AT-TZ08: Anti-Static Tweezers - Angled

    High Precision Tips: Versatile with great control. Hardened yet flexible enough to provide pin-point pick and hold capability.

    Unique Extra Strong Carbon Fiber Tips: Effectively stops decal film edge curling caused by static electricity.

    Clean Yet Elegant Appearance: Stylish and elegant, fits your hand comfortably.


    • Keep out of reach of children under 10 years of age to prevent risk of injury caused by sharp points.
    • Do not drop to avoid damage or malfunction.
    • Recap the safety cap each time after use to prevent accidental damage.

    A high-precision tweezer is especially important to the model maker when making a model. DSPIAE high-precision tweezers are applicable to clamping various tiny precision parts. The thickening design can guarantee the stability of the tweezers in use. The arc design can ensure that it is not likely to see bouncing off or other likely cases when clamping any parts.

    The tweezer is made of stainless steel with the surface polished, bringing an extremely delicate and smooth feel.

    Customer Reviews

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    Brandon Everett
    Nice ant-static tweezers

    These are great for modeling where you have to worry about static, like when you're applying decals. However, I got these for soldering work. Great for holding SMD's, capacitors, etc. when I'm attaching them with a soldering iron or rework gun.