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Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr=Albas Model Kit

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    The latest addition to the spin-off of Kotobukiya's original robot model kit series Frame Arms is FRAME ARMS GIRL HRESVELGR=ALBAS!FRAME ARMS GIRL HRESVELGR brings to life an illustration by E-ji Komatsu that re-imagines Tomotake Kinoshita's transformable Frame Arms design ofHresvelgr as a cute young girl. This kit is a variation kit within that Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr series. Enjoy switching between the model’s three forms, faithfully adapted from the transforming Frame Arms original.

    Albas's signature large weapon, the "Gun Blade Lances", are included. In order to attach these weapons to the bodym newly designed mount parts and arm rack parts to support the weapons are included. The wings transform into the new Gun Blade Lances, giving the model a whole new silhouette even when in aircraft mode. This model kit can convert into three forms: Normal Mode, Assault=Trident Mode, and Air Cruiser Mode. The tail-shaped parts on the lower back can be equipped in the hands to form a cannon. And the blade parts of the left and right of the tail-shapedparts can be removed and equipped in the hands to be used as weapon

    The pop-out shoulder joints and the flexible upper arm parts allows this model a wide range of movement. The connection shaft for the thighs is a sliding joint, allowing for a wider range of movement. The wrists are articulated with ball joints that allow for a variety of poses. The model can be displayed in Unarmed Mode by exchanging parts. The 3mm connection points on the arms and legs are compatible with equipment from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

    Product Features

    • 5.91 inches tall (15cm)
    • Made of PS, PE, ABS, POM, and PVC
    • Part of the Frame Arms Girl series
    • Several points of articulation
    • Can convert between 3 modes: Normal, Assault=Trident, & Air Cruiser
    • Interchangeable parts and accessories
    • Instructions may or may not include English translation

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build
      • Hresvelgr=Albas
      • Gun Blade Lances
      • 2 Standard bangs
      • Bangs covering left eye
      • Bangs covering right eye
      • 3 Face plates (painted)
      • 5 Sets of hands
      • Flying base
      • 2 3mm diameter grips
    • Decals
    • Instructions