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Pokemon #04 Eevee Model Kit Quick

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    Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. Eevee is an adorable fan-favorite Pokemon from the series’ First Generation! This Pokemon has the unique ability to evolve into multiple elemental variants under certain conditions. Unlike most Pokemon, Eevees are notoriously hard to find in the wild. In the main series of Pokemon games, the player typically acquires an Eevee from an NPC in one of the Region’s main cities. Eevee can now evolve into eight different elemental variants, but this number is always subject to change as the Pokemon Franchise continues to grow!

    Articulation –

    The PokePla Quick!! Eevee is the fourth entry in Bandai’s “PokePla Quik!!” model line. This line is not posable but provides a super adorable and easy-to-assemble build for all ages to enjoy! You won’t need a pair of nippers to complete your PokePla Quick!! Eevee, as Bandai, designed each part to pop right off the runner using minimal force! This model also comes with a small sheet of color-correcting stickers to help achieve Eevee’s proper coloring right out of the box! This model comes pre-posed in an adorable seated position, making it the perfect addition to any desk display!

    This kit includes:

    2 Runners total (A1, A2)
    Total Piece Count – 20 Pieces
    Foil Stickers
    Materials – PS