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HGCC #177 WD-M01 Turn A Gundam Ingressa Militia

SKU: BAN5060401

Gundams High Grade Gundam Model Kits Turn A Gundam

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    - The winds have blown another beloved Suit our way: The”White Doll” Gundam has joined the High Grade lineup!

    - Part of the HG All-Gundam project, the High Grade Gundam follows the high standards set by the modern High Grade, the features modern proportions, easy construction and a wide range of motion. ’s signature ‘mustache’ is accurately reproduced, along with its unique weapons and core fighter.
    - Chest silo can be opened or closed using replacement parts.
    - Rifle features telescopic gimmick with replacement parts.
    - ’s signature ‘mustache’ fin carefully recreated.
    - Excavated from the ruins in Inglesa, the White Doll returns to the Gundam world!

    - Yoshiyuki Tomino’s epic series takes viewers into the far future of the Gundam universe, to an era in which the stories we know are nothing but a Black History- a lost past. In the 2343rd year of the Correct Century, war between the earth and moon has broken out. The Gundam has awoken, and the universe will never be the same.