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HGUC #63 AMX-003 Gaza-C

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    The AMX-003 Gaza-C is a mass production Mobile Suit developed by Axis Zeon during the Gryps Conflict to combat the powerful transformable Mobile Suits fielded by the Titans and the AEUG. Axis Zeon used the AMX-001 Gaza-A, an up-scale Mobile Pod unit designed to aid in the construction of the Axis Military Facility, as the base for the AMX-003 Gaza-C, selected for its cost-efficiency and simple design. Axis would also utilize spare components from several previous developments, ensuring the AMX-003 Gaza-C would be a suitable candidate for mass production. While these decisions made the Mobile Suit much cheaper to produce, it drastically decreased its reliability. The AMX-003 Gaza-C would need to undergo heavy maintenance regularly, as excessive use of the transformation system would eventually cause the Mobile Suit to collapse and break apart. Axis Zeon would ultimately replace the AMX-003 Gaza-C with the AMX-006 Gaza-D.

    Included alongside the HG Gaza-C for accessories:

    • Beam Saber x2