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Hasegawa Macross Frontier VF25F/S Messiah 1:72

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A kit of the VF-25 fighter mode, the aircraft piloted by the main character "Alto Saotome" of the TV anime "Macross F (Frontier)". The cockpit, intake, nozzles, etc. are full of aircraft expressions unique to Hasegawa!

  • Head parts and decals can be selected between Alto machine (F type) and Ozma machine (S type).
  • The main wing incorporates a left-right interlocking gimmick.
  • Canopy can be opened or closed
  • One seated pilot figure is included.
  • Cockpit is a selection formula of single seat / double seat
  • Vector nozzle can move up and down
  • -Leg can be selected between parked state / flight state
  • As a bonus part, an air-to-air missile (3x6) + pylon (x6) for mounting on the underside of the main wing is included!
  • Optional Macross stand compatible
  • The molding color is planned to be white, gray, and clear.
  • Hidetaka Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.
Unpainted Kit Requires Glue