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Mimikyu #08 Pokemon Model Kit

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    Mimikyu may look like a goofier version of Pikachu, but in reality, it’s a teeny Ghost-Type Pokemon hiding underneath a tattered cloth! This disguise conceals Mimikyu’s body from the sun, which drains its power. Additionally, the rag also keeps others from seeing Mimikyu’s actual body. According to the Pokedex, revealing Mimikyu’s appearance is known to lead to an untimely death, to the Pokemon’s dismay. Mimikyu is constantly searching for friends, but even its clever Pikachu disguise isn’t enough to persuade people to approach. Why not finally give poor Mimikyu a friend by adding this model to your collection?


    Mimikyu is the latest entry in Bandai’s “PokePla Quik!!” model line. This line is not posable but provides a super adorable and easy-to-assemble build for all ages to enjoy! You won’t even need a pair of nippers to complete your Mimkyu, as Bandai designed each part to pop right off the runner using minimal force! The only stickers required are to replicate the squiggly eyes and cheeks, but they could easily be handpainted thanks to the molded details on the model. There will be some noticeable seam lines running throughout this model, so be sure to deal with those as you see fit.

    This kit includes:

    2 Runners total (A1, A2)
    Total Piece Count – 13 Pieces
    Foil Stickers
    Materials – PS

    Additional Fun information

    Type: Ghost/Fairy
    Pokemon Category: Disguise Pokemon
    First Seen: Generation VII
    Evolution: N/A
    Height: 0.20m(0.67ft)
    Pokedex Entry from Pokemon Moon: “A lonely Pokemon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokemon.”

    Scale: N/A
    Grade: PokePla Quick!!
    Completed Model Height:
    Original Release Date: Oct 2021