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YJL MSN-04 Sazabi ver.Ka 2.0 Conversion Kit

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    This is a conversion Resin kit and requires Advanced modeling skills you must read the warning message in the description. It is sold as is and we do not take returns or make refunds after the order has been processed. By clicking here I accept the terms and conditions.


    Warning: Resin dust is toxic so please take care when sanding and use a dust mask or respirator.

    Original Designed by AnchoreT_Yao

    • Recasting by YJL Studio (Genuine Authorization by Anchoret)
    • Massive & Elegant
    • Less Detail Compare with 1.0 version
    • Best Sazabi Kit in the Market
    • This is ONLY Main Body Conversion Kit
    • Included Photo-Etch Parts
    • Expansion Pack (a.k.a backpack) need to buy separately
    • AnchoreT 1/100 Sazabi Decals need to buy separately
    • Class Item
    • ★★★

    Product Details :

    • 1/100 Scale
    • Conversion Kit
    • Movable
    • Yellow Resin
    • Included : Colorful Booklet Instruction Manual, General Water-Sliced Decals
    • Need ” Bandai MG1/100 Sazabi ver.KA ” as Conversion Inner Frame