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All Kotobukiya Zoids

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    "The enhanced Iron Kong, IRON KONG PK, used by the Prozen Knights joins the Zoids lineup!

    IRON KONG PK comes to life in this voluminous plastic model kit with a large vernier “High Maneuver Booster Pack” for greater maneuverability and a Beam Launcher and 2-Pulse Laser Gun for greater firepower.

    The energy cable was updated with a higher density in an HMM-original design. The internal wires in this model allow for more flexibility and greater action for users to enjoy.

    Product Specifications:
    ■ The vernier thrusters of the large vernier ""High Maneuver Booster Pack"" on the back are adjustable and can be set horizontally. This part also includes an HMM-original support aircraft transformation mode.
    ■ The base of the Beam Launcher is flexible and can be set over the model’s shoulder in a ready-to-shoot pose similar to Takara Tomy’s original version.
    ■ The “Ten-Shot Self-Guided Rocket Bomb Launcher” equipped on the model’s shoulders can be opened and closed.
    ■ The energy cable was designed with internal wires to allow for more flexibility and greater action for users to enjoy.

    *This item is a reproduction."