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DSPIAE SST-01 Stainless Steel T Ruler


All Plastic Model Tools Test

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    Stainless T Ruler
    Sturdy and Durable | Clear Display | Effective and Convenient | Notched Corner

    Clear Display
    Light weight construction, good looking appearance with clear and durable etched scale readings
    Effective and Convenient
    A 0.4mm step between horizontal and vertical ruler made it easily secured along the edge of plastic sheets for precision cutting.
    Notched Corner
    Notches are retained on each side where horizontal part meets the vertical one sop that you're blade could start cutting from minus point. This feature is proven for vast extension of your hobby knife blade's service life
    Sturdy and Durable
    Although our thickened stainless steel plate are far more stronger, it made the horizontal part of the ruler tend to separate from the joint under impact. Please avoid bending/tapping this product that may cause damage or malfunction

    Packing Details

    • Horizontal Ruler x1
    • Vertical Ruler x1
    • Low Fogging Gel CA (2g) x1


    • Keep out of reach of children under 10 years of age to avoid injury made by the sharp edges
    • DO NOT drop or bend this product to avoid damage and malfunction.
    • Be very careful when assembling the rulers to achieve an absolute perpendicular with each other.
    • Always avoid contact with water, oil, or corrosive liquids.