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All High Grade Gundam Kits MAZINGER New Arrivals Other Mecha Other Mecha Kits Real New Arrivals Super Nova and other mecha model kits

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    A plastic model kit that can become either a god or a devil! The "Mazinger Z" & "Great Mazinger" (each sold separately) from the 2018 movie, "Mazinger Z: Infinity", will be available as a plastic model kit! The proportions seen in the movie and its iconic details have been fully recreated with all new designs under the supervision of mecha designer, Takayuki Tanase. 

    Intricate and realistic detailing in the backs of the clear parts have been processed, adding even the smallest of details with the utmost care. In addition, the joint parts consist of KPS materials allowing the for recreation of intense action scenes from the movie. An abundance of optional parts allows for a faithful recreation of scenes from the movie!

    Included are parts such as the Iron Cutter and Drill Missile for the Mazinger Z, and the Thunder Break hands and Double Mazinger Blade for the Great Mazinger. Enjoy iconic scenes in the palm of your hand! A display base is included to create the "Rocket Punch" and joint parts are included to recreate aerial poses for each mecha.

    Product Features

    • 6.90 inches (17.50cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • From the film Mazinger Z: Infinity
    • Intricate and realistic detailing 
    • Joint parts consist of KPS materials allowing the for recreation of intense action scenes
    • Parts are included to recreate aerial poses

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build
      • Mazinger Z
      • Jet Scrander
      • Iron Cutter Parts
      • 4 Hand parts
      • 4 Designated Drill Missile parts
    • Display base
    • Stickers

    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect if you like the infinity design