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Tekkaman Blade Model Kit


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    From the 1992 TV anime "Space Knight Tekkaman Blade", Tekkaman Blade, the main character D-Boy transforms into, is now available as a plastic model

    Based on the setting and images from the anime, the design has been rearranged to create a massive, sharp-edged appearance.

    The figure is 220mm in height and has a wide range of motion at each joint, allowing the figure to be posed in a variety of action poses.

    The main weapon, the "Tek Lancer" can be displayed in its standard form or in dual wield form.

    The "Tek Shield" is removable and can be attached to either the arms or waist.

    Both shoulder parts can be opened and closed. The firing scence of "Voltekka" can be recreated.

    The runners are molded in multi-colors. The model is designed in the pursuit of look close to the product image without painting.