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Eclipse Gundam Conversion Kit ( Stickler Studio) 1/100

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    This is a conversion Resin kit and requires Advanced modeling skills you must read the warning message in the description. It is sold as is and we do not take returns or make refunds after the order has been processed. By clicking here I accept the terms and conditions.


    • Warning: This product is made of resin, which is toxic if inhaled. Please wear a mask/respirator when sanding.


    • Original Designed by Stickler Studio x MFZ Design Armor Enhanced Designs

    • Contain Photo-Etch Part
    • MA Form Transformable 
    • This product contains a Main Body Set & Expansion Pack

    Product Details :

    • 1/100 Scale
    • Conversion Kit
    • Movable
    • Peach Orange  / Clear Resin 
    • Included : Instruction Manual, Water-Sliced Decals, Photo-Etch
    • Need “ Bandai MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam Plastic Kit“  As Conversion Inner Frame 
      • This Kit is Unpainted and Unassembled.
      • This product is for Advanced Modeller and the images shown are for reference.
      • Please take the actual product as the standard.
      • Skill Required : ★★★☆☆